Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Re-considering Moboline's strategy

A couple of months down the line, since my first Moboline post went online, I felt the need for some re-organization and re-branding. I had to sit done and think to myself what do I wan to do with this blog so that, as the well known marketing definition goes, I create value for my readers as well as get value in return.

Therefore important decisions had to be made. First, I was thinking niche blogging because 1. everybody with blogging experience says so and 2. it helps you become 'an' or 'the' expert in the field.
Then, as I was researching more about mobile, trends have shown that the retail sector (department stores, shopping malls,etc.) seems to warm up to the idea of using mobile in their marketing communications mix, something they should have been done loooooooong time ago, and as a shopper myself , I realized  why not blog about this.

So, I give you, Moboline, the place where you can find out how the retail sector is using mobile to attract and retain customers, what gaps have not yet been covered and what does the future hold on the shopping experience.

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