Wednesday, February 22, 2012

MWC final countdown

It is here - the MWC is less than a week now and there are lots of things to do. 
First, check out the new stuff to be demoed at the event such as the new maxi and mini handsets and quad cores but not only. As it turns out, the juicy part might be on the software side. The World Wide Web Consortium or W3C is working hard on improving the web and enriching the ways we interact with it. 
HTML5 logo
So pop in the MWC`s Hall 2 to find out more about W3C`s baby: the Open Web Platform - the premier platform for application development built on HTML5 and other open standards that promises to radically change mobile, television, advertising, games, publishing, automotive, health care, and other industries which is ... a pretty strong statement. They will be demonstrating HTML5, CSS3, and other open Web technologies at its booth in Hall 2, Stand 2A31.

On the same subject, Android 4.0 or the Ice Cream Sandwich OS will be if not omnipresent and I also hear some rumours of the Android 5.0.   

On the tablet front, the game is on. If you were wondering whether to go for a phone or tablet, put your concerns aside because now (well for a while now) you can have both in one or else a " phablet". After Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Note some days ago measuring  5.78 by 3.27 by 0.38 inches, it is LG who follows with its Optimus suit amongst which Optimus Vu. I don`t know about you but the size of my palm has not dramatically increased lately. Anyhow, be prepared to interact or at least inquire about the phablets when you are strolling down the halls. Galaxy Note comes with a stylus-like pen and here I thought that pens are so out. 

More coming soon. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

MWC 2012 countdown:Barcelona first ‘tap and go’ city in Europe -

Just few more weeks to go until Mobile World Congress, and here is Financial Times` scoop on the state of the venue itself:Barcelona first ‘tap and go’ city in Europe - (dated January 2012)
The FT reports that La Caixa, Spain’s largest retail bank, will on Thursday begin rolling out contactless, “tap and go” payments cards and terminals across Barcelona, in one of the biggest deployments of the financial services technology in Europe"
Read more on FT`s tech space and stay tuned for more from moboline!

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