Monday, November 28, 2011

I Have a Dream: Mobile Wishes for 2012

I have a dream where I wake up in the morning to the smell of fresh brewed coffee, cause my telephone alarm triggered the coffee machine to start at the pre-set time; where my personal mobile assistant counts out loud the time left before I miss the train/bus/ my meeting and reminds me about the most important things to do that day while auto tuning to my favourite radio station.

I have a dream where while on my way to work, I can listen to a selection of news gathered from all around the world and fed to my mobile based upon my preferences; let in on the latest upcoming events in the area; told where I can get a quick breakfast to go within a radius of 10-30m from my location or that is on my route to work and has spare parking places/ or alternatively how long is the drive line at the nearest McDonalds.

I have a dream where I am notified about what`s for lunch at my favourite restaurant close to noon and when RSVPed, I am offered a discount; where I can be told of other available and relevant deals from my grocery shop before I arrive home, exhausted after work, and check my post box full with redundant paper flyers and adds.

I have a dream where I can have my public transport pass on my screen and notified about its expiry date way before I miss it; reported about transport problems before I get there ; told about any birthdays that I so often miss or any relevant scholarships, residence programs, contests and awards in my field of interest.

 I have a dream where I don`t have to move to Japan or South Korea to experience most of this. What is your dream when it comes to the mobile?

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