Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mobile World Congress 2012 countdown

Only about one month to go before one of the most important events in mobile kicks off in Barcelona. In the last blog post we saw what technical innovations is Cisco bringing to this year`s MWC, the Hot Spot 2.0 for example, and in today`s post folks at TECHNOBUFFALO will talk about the latest gadgets to be showed off in the congress` booths, some weeks down the road.

Samsung`s Nypon, Nokia`s Lumia, HTC`s quad-core super phone-see it all in the Rumor Roundup:Mobile World Congress 2012 by TECHNOBUFFALO (thanks to Noah K)

For those who have troubles with defining quad-core, see this wikipedia article.
Stay tuned for more info on what to expect at this year`s Mobile World Congress!

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