Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Future Of Mobile Is Context | Forrester Blogs

Check out future predictions on mobile advertising!!A MUST KNOW FOR MARKETERS!! A couple of points from the report powered by Julie A. Ask:


  • Mobile Phones Will Be Your Customers' Preeminent Digital Engagement Channel
  • Contextual Experiences Are The Future Of Mobile
  • Technology Innovations Are Driving User Context Capability
  • Few Professionals Developing Digital Strategies Leverage Context Today
  • Building Highly Contextual Experiences Is A Journey
  • Set Your Company's Pace For Mobile Context
  • Highly Contextual Experiences Deliver Value Beyond Pure Convenience
  • Lead The Development Of New Business Logic To Leverage Context
  • The Cost Of Convenience Is Privacy
Check more at: The Future Of Mobile Is Context | Forrester Blogs:

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