Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Top 5 Mobile Sites

I have been talking and learning about mobile for a while now, but I have n`t considered visuals yet, the mobile optimized sites, until I found http://www.mobileawesomeness.com, where you can browse through 100s of submissions.

Not only did I choose my favs, but actually created my own mobile optimised site using a pre-existing template! I am not ready to present it yet, but take a look at 5 sites that I liked ... and start your own too.

  • This is the mobile optimised site of an advertising, branding and interactive services agency headquartered in Hammonton, NJ. The red can be a challenge for the eyes but again, too much advertising is never enough:

  • It is hard to go wrong with cinema and theatre sites: plenty of posters and images to win attention but don`t forget ease of use. Presenting the site of a South African theatre chain:

  • Any city who envisages hosting a major event should take notice of this: create a MOS(mobile optimised site) but do it like Auckland. The 2011 Auckland Rugby World Cup site:

  • ...followed closely by Colorado:

  • Fashion brands are slowly waking up to MOSs and Victoria`s Secret proves again that sexy underwear and good marketing totally go together: 

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