Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The BREW stew

Mobile industry specialist Tomi T. Ahonen has done a good job with his books on the state of mobile and its great potential to the extent that I seriously thought of focusing on mobile marketing in my career path. This blog was as well started as a result of my interest and enthusiasm in the aforementioned field.

So, after doing some search, I end up on the website of the Mobile Marketing Association, thinking to myself what a nice place to start learning how to use the mobile device in your marketing techniques.  I dig through their white papers and resources and quickly make up my mind on starting off with terminology or glossary to then move to best practices down to spicier stuff like mobile sweepstakes and so on. Surfing through, I took notice of their certification program as well, so in my mind I had already fixed a date in the future to take it and proceed on my way to a wonderful career in such a cool sector. All pumped up, I was already imagining myself as the mobile marketing expert.

Ha ha ha, it is so easy to imagine it in your head. If it had been as easy in real life, the world would indeed have been a better place.
So, down to the glossary: I download the pdf, sit down with a cup of coffee, cosying myself in my chair ready to do some mental work. I start with the beginning ... "alert tone", sounds pretty self explanatory, "alerts", "alternative method of entry", so far so good...until I stumble into hard tech nomenclature like binary runtime environment for wireless that sounds as interesting as reading a gadget manual: it sounds logical and important but you have no idea where to start from and the info is just not sticking. Zero associations, really, try  and figure it out.

First thought: Ok, Rodica, this is not for you. But then common, how hard should it be. Am I totally mutually exclusive with technicalities? I got so excited at the beginning, so overenthusiastic with learning about this new marketing field, I want to keep it up.

Always be closer: I guess the question is this - how do you stay enthusiastic and motivated once you hit tough times or ...binary runtime environments for wireless for that matter?

The acronym sounds a bit more fun: BREW

My brain is BREWing
While all my thoughts`re stewing 

On the other hand, I am faced with a some glossary, imagine managers having to keep up the morale of their teams up when the business is not running that well.  How is that for fun?

Lesson numero 2: I will go back to my initial source of inspiration...and keep the end in my mind.

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