Thursday, October 11, 2012

Gartner:Lenovo Takes Slight Lead Over HP for No. 1 Global Position

Fresh data released by Gartner revealed new changes/disruptions in the tech market this past week. 

Change Nr. 1: Lenovo overtook HP in worldwide PC shipments for the 1st time in history and grew its market share. The giant HP has lost leadership in this sector, it sold less than Lenovo, though by not too much. Indeed, HP and Lenovo are very close and it is interesting to watch how both companies will respond in the next quarter and in the following  year. If Lenovo maintains the momentum and manages to widen the gap and break ahead, than HP`s life will become even more difficult than  it already is. To cite Gartner, HP is currently restructuring its device business and its main concern is achieving market share whilst holding its margin. What can I say: apart from diversifying its market channels, Lenovo is winning ground on amongst other, margin. 

Change Nr. 2: the PC market continues to decline, its share being eaten up by the tablet and phablet range of products. Gartner estimates a decline of 8% in the third quarter of 2012 and attributes it in part to the arrival of Windows 8 which caused retailers to reduce their inventories in preparation for W8. On a different note, the PC decline is a trend in a fast moving market where more and more mobile devices are competing for the consumers` share of pocket. PC companies are being forced to stay relevant: how they are doing it will define who continues the race and who doesn`t. For detailed info click here.

PS: there is intense speculation on the web that Amazon might be "cooking" its own phone. Opinion: apart from it being a marketing tool and a tremendous data source for its  search algorithms,  I think the success of a future Amazon branded phone also lies in  how Non-Amazon, stand-alone and  innovative will it be... after all, we already have the Kindle.

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