Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What happened to HTC?

Can anyone tell me what happened to HTC? Last time I checked this brand was releasing killer products and was looking like a shining star on the mobile landscape and now it  reports drop of profits as much as 79% for this past quarter.

 The HTC case has all the characteristics of a success story: from a manufacturer for other brands to breaking through with innovative products under its own  brand, HTC climbed steadily and fast. The partnership with China Mobile, China`s biggest mobile operator, the overcoming of grandpa Nokia in market share and becoming the 3rd  biggest smartphone producer - achievements that many players in the mobile industry would only wish for.

But it looks like the momentum is slowly fading away. Maybe the company is still adjusting with its 2011 acquisitions, or maybe releasing new models with the Windows OS was not such a good idea considering its  popularity versus the Android OS.

It doesn`t seem to make sense: why would you switch to Windows when Android is so popular and growing and when you yourself shared this popularity by being one of the pioneers of the Android-based smartphones, as BBC puts it?

For current slowdown, critics cite the lack of what made HTC a force to reckon with in the first place: sharp innovation and design and new hit models to still the spot away from Apple and Samsung.

Others blame a weak mobile system with limited partners and channels to market. Whatever the cause is, it needs to be acted upon fast, if not, it would be a shame to witness such potential go to market obscurity and waste.

BBC News - HTC profits slide 79% as competition stiffens:

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