Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Revisiting Facebook

I recall when I first heard about Facebook. I was still in college, and back then, the most popular social platform  was Hi5 or something similar. Soon though the question "Are you on Hi5?" was replaced with "Are you on Facebook?". One of my friends wrote an article in the student newspaper about this new, addictive social site.The piece proved popular, just like the network.  Facebook was taking over Europe and over our social lives.
Some years down the road, we saw Facebook going through privacy issues, then through the public offering and all the problems that came with that. If you ask me whether I spend 100$ on products advertised on the platform, the answer is "no".  If you ask my close Facebook friends the same question, the answer remains "no". All in all, I begun to spend  less and less time on the platform, simply because I stopped having so much free time as I was out of college and in the professional world. 
But then sometimes life reshuffles your playlist and after a good song comes a bad one and you turn to your support network: family, friends, good acquaintances. And it also turns out that they are now mostly all on Facebook. I found myself looking at my 300+ friend list, remembering good times, picking out some names, getting their latest updates,  and writing a couple of messages. 
All I want to say is that I`ll have to think twice about deleting my Facebook account but from reasons other than some monetary value. 

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